Happy New Year

New Years Card

This tutorial is my own creation. All contents of this tutorial are protected by International Copyright laws. If photos or graphics were created by anyone other than Kathie, it will be noted and the copyright will remain with the creator. Please respect these copyrights. Any similarity to any other tutorial is coincidental.

You may make one hard copy of this tutorial for your own personal use. Do Not claim this tutorial as your own. You may not add it to any groups or share it for monetary gain. Do not pass it through email. The finished product of this tutorial is yours to do with as you please.

It is assumed you have a working knowledge of PSP. I will be using screenshots for those that need the extra help. I try to write my tutorials so that even the beginner can do them.

Supplies needed:
Paint Shop Pro 8, 9, X
You can download my supplies  Here
You will need the Calico Gradient from Nanson. Download set 3   Here
Font - PassionsConflictROB  Here

Unzip the New Years Supplies and put the folder where you will be able to find it when you need it. A lot of our members open the file to their Desktop. I make a folder for the tutorial I'm doing and unzip to that folder. Do what is easiest for you.
Put the two (2) masks in your PSP Masks folder
Put the kh_Fireworks Red Gradient and Peachy Gradient in your PSP Gradients Folder
Put the background in a folder where you can access it easily

If you've got all your supplies - Let's begin

         SAVE OFTEN

Note: I find it easier to name each layer as you go rather than numbering the layers. This way you can keep track of your layers. It will also be easier when you need to drag a layer below another.

1. Open a New Image 400x300, flood fill with 7E2B01 or color of your choice. The background color will determine the color of the mask we will be adding.

Note: I used Filters Unlimited on the Calico background. I know a lot of you don't have Filters Unlimted so I made a background you can copy and paste if you would like to use it. I tried finding another background for those that don't have Filters Unlimited but using a texture just made it to dull for my liking. You may play around with the background if you so choose.

2. Add a New Layer, flood fill with the mqc Calico Gradient, Angle 45, Repeats 0; or copy and paste as a New Layer the kathie_background. If you would like a different color this background colorizes nicely. Just play around until you find the color you want. Colorize the background before you add the mask.

3. Highlight background 2, this would be the calico gradient or layer 2. Go to Layers/Load/Save Mask/Load Mask from Disk and find kh_diamond_frame or kh_fireworks_frame. Use the settings below.

Mask Settings

Right click on the mask layer, Merge/Merge group.

4. Click on your Preset Shapes Tool, in the drop down box find the Fireworks 2. In the Tool Ribbon make sure Anti-Alias and Create As Vector are checked. Retain Style Unchecked. Width 1. In the Materials Palette/Foreground - find the kh_Fireworks_Red Gradient, Aif I put it in should it be at the top or the bottom after my last picturengle 45, Repeats 0. Set Background/Fill to null. Back to your graphic. Starting in the top left corner left click and pull down to draw a medium sized fireworks. Rename this Layer fireworks red. With your Move Tool, move it to the left a tad. Convert to Raster.

5. In the Layers Palette, click on the fireworks layer to highlight it, Duplicate. Rename this Layer fireworks green. Go to Adjust/Hue & Saturation. Colorize with these settings.
Hue 90
Saturation 125
Move the green fireworks to the right. Drag this layer below the fireworks red layer. Merge Down. Rename this layer Fireworks.

6. Duplicate the Fireworks Layer. Close the copy of fireworks. Highlight the fireworks layer. Adjust/ Blur/Gaussian Blur/Radius 8. Drop Shadow:

Drop Shadow

Move the blurred fireworks up a tad. Open the copy of fireworks and move it down a tad so that the blurred layer shows above the fireworks.

7. Preset Shapes, find the Fireworks 2, Anti-Alias and Create As Vector checked. Retain Style Unchecked. Width 1. In the Materials Palette/Foreground - find a nice gold gradient. Draw a gold fireworks. Convert to Raster. With your Move Tool move it down so that it blends with the "v" of the green fireworks. Duplicate. Move this fireworks over the top of the red fireworks. You may have to use the Deform Tool to pull it taller so it sort of blends with the red fireworks as in my graphic below. Merge Down the copy of. Rename this layer Gold 1.

Gold Fireworks

8. In the Layers Palette Duplicate the Gold1 layer twice. Rename Gold2 and Gold 3. Close gold2 and gold3. Highlight gold1. Adjust/Add/Remove Noise/Add Noise/35, Uniform and Monochrome checked. Close gold1 and open gold2. Add Noise/40. Close gold2 and open gold3. Add Noise/45. We'll take this to Animation Shop in a minute.

9. Now it's time to add your text so grab your Text Tool. In the Materials Palette Foreground/Stroke, Peachy Gradient, Angle 45, Repeats 0. Background/Fill, mqc Calico Gradient, Angle 45, Repeats 3. Font PassionsConflictROB, Size 48, Stroke 1. I wrote Happy and New Year on separate layers so I could move them if needed. So write your text. Convert To Raster, Drop Shadow:
Verticle 2
Horizontal 1
Opacity 40
Blur 1

I also used Brightness/Contrast to brighten it up just a tad. Just play with the settings until you are satisfied with it.

10. Add your name. I used the same colors and font as the Happy New Year text. Used the same Drop Shadow and Sharpened once.

11. Now, let's take our graphic to Animation Shop. Close only gold2 and gold3. Highlight gold1. Right Click on the Title bar of your graphic/Copy Merged. Open AS and Paste As New Animation. Back to PSP. Close gold1 and open gold2 Right Click on the Title bar of your graphic/Copy Merged. Over to AS, Right Click on the Title bar, Paste After Current Frame. Close gold2 and open gold3. Right Click on the Title bar of your graphic/Copy Merged. Over to AS, Right Click on the Title bar, Paste After Current Frame. Click on the little film strip on the tool ribbon to check your animation. If you're happy with it, Save As and give it a name. OK

You're all done. I hope you enjoyed doing this little tutorial and learned something new.

I wish for you peace, joy and fun in the new year.

Happy New Year

New Years Card1

Tutorial copyright @Kathie